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10 Coolest Small Business Jets in the World

5 Feb 2019

In today’s world of international business, every second counts. One minute you may be needed in Tokyo; the next thing there could be a meeting in New York that simply cannot be missed. And when time is money, a savvy investment in the form of a business jet can certainly afford some extra time. The “light jet” class was pioneered by the Learjet 23, which was introduced in 1964. Now, the most recent…

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8 Common Misconceptions about Selling Your Own Aircraft

8 Nov 2018

Thinking about selling your aircraft on your own? It’s not uncommon for aircraft owners to post their own plane for sale, intending to test the market and see what happens.

Sometimes, things work out nicely and a quick sale occurs, but it’s also not uncommon for those same aircraft owners to become frustrated with the selling process.

With over a decade of experience helping hundreds…

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