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“Where Does An Aircraft Broker Add Value? Or Not!”

27 Oct 2017

I promise this article is not meant to be self-serving but having been an aircraft broker for 43 years and interacting daily with other terrific professionals I do think it is a topic that is important and that I am capable of speaking about.

Aircraft sales professionals are hired by owners and sellers to successfully market and sell their aircraft.…

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BizAv Avionics: Looking Beyond NextGen

14 Sep 2017

Broadening your Cockpit Outlook to Beyond 2020…

With the NextGen mandate rapidly bearing down on the Business Aviation community, Brian Wilson highlights how operators can benefit by focussing on life beyond January 1, 2020…


Working in Business Aviation, sometimes it seems impossible to get through a morning without reading…

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How do I buy a Jet at Wholesale Price?

30 Jul 2017

One of the questions I get asked frequently by clients is “How do I buy an aircraft at wholesale price?” The short answer in this market is… probably don’t. The longer answer is, because of the things you would have to give up in order to do so, you are probably better off not trying to compete with the Aircraft Dealers who do.

The spread between wholesale and retail price is extremely…

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