2002 Hawker 800 XP

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2002 Hawker 800 XP for sale by Global Aero Export, the longest standing independent aircraft broker and the largest importer and exporter of helicopter, jet and turboprop aircraft in South Africa.

YEAR   2002    
MODEL   800 XP    
PRICE   $2,550,000    
AIRFRAME   TTSN: 5,598.4 hours    
    TLSN: 4,518 landings    
    Time/Landings as of 10/20/16    
ENGINE   TYPE: Honeywell TFE731-5BR-1H    
    PLAN: Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)  
    #1 (Left)  #2 (Right)  
    Serial Number: P107721  Serial Number: P107718  
    TTSN: 5,545.7 hours  TTSN: 5,512.4 hours  
    TCSN: 4,471 cycles  TCSN: 4,438 cycles  
    CZI Due: 5,792.1 hours  CZI Due: 8,372.5 hours  
    MPI/CZI Intervals: 2,100/4,200 Hours  MPI/CZI Intervals: 2,100/4,200 Hours  
    Times/Cycles as of 10/20/16 Times/Cycles as of 10/20/16  
APU   TYPE: GTCP36-150(W)    
    PLAN: Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)  
    Serial Number: P-694    
    TTSN: 3,990 hours    
    HSI Due: 4,500 hours    
    Time as of 10/20/16    
HIGHLIGHTS   One Corporate Owner     
    Professionally Operated & Maintained FAR Part 135   
    Engines & APU Enrolled on Honeywell MSP   
    Excellent Pedigree     
    Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics     
    Honeywell GTCP 36-150(W) APU     
    Belted Lavatory – 9 Passengers     
    Aircell Axxess® II SATCOM     
    Airborne Flight Information System (AFIS®)   
    Long Range Oxygen     
    LoPresti Boom Beam HID Landing & Nose Lights   
    Cockpit Jump Seat     
    All Four Main Wheel Brakes Overhauled in 2015   
    G Inspection & Gear OH C/W 8/8/14    
AVIONICS/EQUIPMENT   Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ Integrated Avionics  
    EFIS: Four (4) 8” x 10” LCD Adaptive Flight Displays  
    FGS: Dual Collins Flight Guidance System with Autopilot  
    FMS: Dual Collins FMS-6000 Flight Management System*  
    CDU: Dual Collins CDU-6200 Control Display Units  
    AHS: Dual Collins AHS-3000 Attitude Heading System  
    ADS: Dual Collins ADC-3000 Air Data Computers  
    STBY: Meggitt Mk II Secondary Flight Display  
    GPS: Dual Collins GPS-4000A Sensors    
    NAV: Dual Collins VIR-432 Navigation Receivers with FM Immunity  
    DME: Dual Collins DME-442 Transceivers  
    ADF: Collins ADF-462 Receiver    
    RMU: Dual Collins CDU-6200 Integrated Control & Collins CTL-23C COM/NAV Control  
    AUDIO: Dual Audio Control Panels    
    VHF COM: Dual Collins VHF-422C Transceivers  
    HF COM: Collins HF-9000 System with SELCAL  
    SATCOM: Aircell Axxess® II Iridium Satellite Communications System*  
    FFONE: Aircell Axxess® II Telecommunications System with Two Handsets*  
    DATALINK: Honeywell (Global) Airborne Flight Information System (AFIS®)*  
    RADAR: Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather Radar System  
    RADALT: Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter  
    XPNDR: Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S Transponders  
    TAWS: Honeywell Mark V EGPWS with Windshear (Class A TAWS)*  
    TCAS: Collins TTR-4000 (TCAS II) with Change 7.0  
    ELT: Artex C406-2 (406 MHz) ELT with NAV Interface  
    CVR: Universal CVR-120 Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder  
    *Certain Installed Applications/Equipment Require Optional Subscriptions  
    P-RNAV Capable    
    B-RNAV/RNAV 5 Capable    
    NAT MNPS Capable    
    LoPresti Boom Beam Landing Light and Nose Mounted HID Lighting Systems   
    (STC# ST02893AT)    
    Removable Cockpit Jump Seat    
    3rd & 4th 750 Liter Oxygen Bottles (3,000 Liter System Total)  
    Collins DBU-5000 USB-style Data Base Unit  
    Hawker® Sealed Lead Acid Main Batteries  
    Rosen Cockpit Sunvisor System    
    Devore Stabilizer Logo Lights    
    SB 23-3969 – Modification of Interphone VOX Wiring  
    SB 32-3516 – Installation of Steel NLG Torque Link Bushings  
    SB 32-4068 – Nose Landing Gear Drag Stay Assembly Improvement  
    STC# ST01424CH-D / SB TFE731-76-3065 Rev. 9 – Installed New L/H and R/H   
     Engine Honeywell N1 Digital Electronic Engine Controls (DEEC) Computers  
EXTERIOR   Year Painted: 2010    
    The overall color is “Matterhorn White” with stripes in “Gondola Blue” and   
    “Las Vegas Gold”.    
INTERIOR   Passenger Seating Capacity: Nine (9) Approved for Taxi, Takeoff & Landing  
    Configuration, Storage & Miscellaneous:  
    This Hawker 800XP features a fire-blocked nine passenger interior complete with   
    a forward galley and aft belted lavatory. The main entrance opens up to a vestibule   
    containing a right-hand main baggage compartment, and a left-hand galley.  
    A stowing acoustical curtain is provided to close-out the main entrance during flight,   
    and hinged doors provide separation between the vestibule and forward cabin as well   
    as the lavatory areas.    
    The main cabin seating consists of eight passenger seats all belted for taxi, takeoff   
    and landing. The forward cabin features four single seats in a club configuration,   
    and the rear cabin has a right-hand three place divan opposite a single forward-facing   
    seat. All single seats offer varying degrees of tracking, swivel, recline, and berthing   
    capabilities. The cockpit features a removable jump seat, and the lavatory seat is belted   
    and approved for passenger occupancy. The forward cabin’s right-hand forward-facing   
    seat is designated the VIP seat and features the VIP cabin management control panel,   
    two (2) 110 VAC electric outlets, and video/data ports.  
    Folding, stowing work tables are located between each two place club seating arrangement 
    and at the aft single seat. The divan’s center back cushion folds down offering an   
    additional work table, and there is a fold-down galley work table that stows in the   
    entryway bulkhead.    
    The cockpit features a crew manual storage cabinet and a floor-recessed Jeppesen manual box. 
    The aft cabin has a left-hand coat closet, and the divan is enclosed by storage cabinets that 
    double as outboard armrests. An auxiliary avionics/crew storage closet is located behind the 
    lighted lavatory mirror. Five (5) 110 VAC electric outlets are installed throughout the cabin 
    and lavatory areas for passenger use including four in the forward cabin. A therapeutic   
    oxygen port is located mid-cabin for passenger convenience.  
    Cabin Management & Entertainment:    
    The cabin entertainment system includes two 13.8” bulkhead-mounted LCD  
    monitors, Airshow 400, a DVD player, a 10-Disc CD changer, and a stereo   
    audio system.    
    An Aircell Axxess® II Iridium satellite telecommunications system with two handsets  
    provides voice communications with a handset located in the cockpit and the divan’s   
    armrest cabinet.    
    All woodwork, trim, and cabinetry to include the side ledge drink rails are finished in .  
    a high gloss Australian walnut veneer. Installed new in 2014, plush tan carpet runs the   
    the length of the main cabin from the cockpit to the aft lavatory, complete with   
    matching throw rugs. All exposed functional and decorative metal surfaces are 18K gold   
    “medium aged antique” plated, including the cabinetry latches, seatbelt hardware,   
    cup holder trim, and miscellaneous accent pieces. The headliner, PSU panels, and upper   
    sidewall/window panels are finished in bone Brisa® Ultraleather™. The lower sidewall/dado 
    panels are finished in a grey textured fabric with veneer accent strips. The single seats,   
    divan & lavatory seat are all covered in taupe leather, and the crew seats were recovered   
    in sheepskin and leather in 2014. The counter top surfaces are finished in a cream colored 
    Corian® with charcoal and light cream accents.  
    Galley: Forward    
    A forward left-hand galley provides for catering, beverage, and general serving and   
    storage functionality. Equipment includes a GE microwave, TIA coffee maker, cup   
    dispensers, waste container, split ice chest drawer, spirits storage, and a condiment   
    Lavatory: Aft    
    The aft lavatory features an externally serviced electric flushing toilet and mirrored   
    vanity with sink, hot water, and toiletry storage.  
    Baggage Compartment:    
    The main baggage compartment is located forward right of the main cabin and   
    features a coat rod, umbrella storage, and a sliding curtain.  
INSPECTION STATUS   Maintenance / Inspections:    
    Computer Maintenance Tracking Program: CAMP  
    Inspection Program: Hawker 800XP Aircraft Flexible Maintenance Schedule (AFMS)  
    Progressive Inspection Program for B, C, and F Inspections  
    D Inspection c/w 8/8/14 @ 4,735.3 hours, next due @ 7,935.3 hours  
    E Inspection c/w 8/16/16 @ 5,504.7 hours, next due @ 8/31/17  
    G Inspection c/w 8/8/14 @ 4,735.3 hours, next due @ 8/31/18  
    Landing Gear Overhaul c/w 8/8/14 @3,897 landings, next due 8/31/26 or 8,897 landings  
    Aircraft Weights:    
    MAX RAMP: 28,120 lbs.    
    MAX TAKEOFF: 28,000 lbs.    
    MAX LANDING: 23,350 lbs.    
    MAX ZERO FUEL: 18,450 lbs.    
    EMPTY WEIGHT: 15,832 lbs.    
    MAX FUEL: 9,998 lbs.    


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