1991 Bombardier DHC-8-103

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1991 Bombardier DHC-8-103 for sale by Global Aero Export, the longest standing independent aircraft broker and the largest importer and exporter of helicopter, jet and turboprop aircraft in South Africa.

YEAR   1991
MODEL   DHC-8-103
PRICE   $ 5,000,000
AIRFRAME   Time SN:  13920:10
    Cycles SN:  16098
ENGINE   Pratt Whitney Canada PW121
    Operator TBO:  On Condition
     Serial Number   PCE-120256
     Time Since New   38,574 Hrs.
     Cycles Since New   48,318
     Time Since Overhaul   NA
     Cycles Since Overhaul   NA
     Time Since HSI   242 Hrs
PROPELLORS   Hamilton Sundstrand 782701-5
Propeller TBO   10,500 Hrs / 84 Months
Prop 1  Serial Number   2011041274
     Prop 1 TSO   Blade 1
    Blade 2
    Blade 3
    Blade 4
Prop 2  Serial Number   2092
     Prop 2  TSO   Blade 1
    Blade 2
    Blade 3
    Blade 4
HIGHLIGHTS   30 Passenger Seat Cabin Configuration
    Last Painted February 2016 (Touch-Ups)
    Eligible for Upgrade to 106 Series
    Optional STC for Air Operable Baggage Door
    Unpaved Runway Protection (SB-8-53-41)
    Part 135 STC for 21 or 30 Seat Combi Config
    Forward Lave and Galley


    VHF Comm   Rockwell Collins CTL-22C
    VHF Nav   Rockwell Collins VIR-32
    Audio Control/PA/PX   AVTECH  
    ADF   Rockwell Collins CTL-62
    DME   Rockwell Collins DME-42
    Transponder    Rockwell Collins TDR-94D
    Radio Altimeter   Sperry RT-300
    Horizontal Situation Indicator   Sperry RD-550
    Vertical Situation Indicator   Rockwell Collins TVI-920D
    EGPWS/TAWS   Honeywell MKVIII
    FMS with Data Loader   Universal Avionics UNS-1Lw
    TCAS/TCAD   Rockwell Collins TTR-921
    CVR   L3/Fairchild A100A
    FDR   Sunstrand Data UFDR
    ELT   Artex C-406N
    EFIS   NA NA
    GPS   Universal Avionics  
    Satellite Tracking System   Blue Sky Network ACH1000
    Multi-Function Display   Honeywell ID-802
    Air Data Computer   Sperry AZ-810
ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT   Description   Date   
    Installed NVIS Compatible Supplemental Lighting System   16-May-16  
    Installation of Provisions for Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) including structural & electrical provisions for AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System & AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser System   25-Jan-16  
    Removed Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), GTCP36-150W, Engine SN P-102 & associated components   07-Jan-16  
    Installation of Rosen Visor Kit   18-Apr-14  
    Installed supplemental oxygen bottles in passenger cabin, Revised aircraft weight and balance,   14-Feb-14  
    Incorporated airplane Flight Manual Supplement into AFM   09-Feb-13  
    Upgrade of UNS FMS 1M to UNS FMS 1LW   04-Feb-13  
    Installed cockpit windshield drain system   02-Feb-13  
    EGPWS configuration data update   14-Feb-11  
    Installed High Flotation Tires on Nose Landing Gear, MLG High Flotation Tires PCW   26-May-10  
    Installed Wulfsberg Flexcomm II C-5000 Multi-Band Communications System   28-Apr-10  
    Installed Second UNS-1M Navigation Management System and GPS Receiver   24-Mar-10  
    Reconfiguration of 30 Passenger Seat Arrangement   23-Mar-10  
    Removed B&D Cabin Inflight Information System   23-Mar-10  
    Installed Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS (TAWS A) System   18-Mar-10  
    Conversion from DHC-8 Model 102 Aircraft to Model 103 Aircraft   15-Jan-10  
    Removed Rockwell Collins AN/ARC-182 Multi-Band Transceiver & Control Unit   08-Dec-09  
    Installed Allied Signal KHF-950 HF System   04-Nov-09  
    SB8-53-41 Fuselage Unpaved Runway Protection   24-Mar-09  
    Removed SafTGlo Floor Path Emergency Lighting System    30-Oct-08  
    Installed Dual Hawker Lead Acid Batteries   30-Oct-08  
    Installed Bluesky Satcom System   30-Oct-08  
    Installed Collins TCAS II System/Mode-S Transponder    30-Oct-08  
    Installed Artex C-406N MHZ ELT    18-Aug-04  
    Installed KGP860 and MD-41-Ref STCSA00886WI-D    01-Apr-02  
    Installed Beta Lockout   29-Mar-02  
    MODSUMS (AMOC for AD 2000-02-13)   12-Feb-98  
    Installed Universal Navigation System   23-Aug-91  
    Installed Overboard Drain Heat System Wiring   15-Aug-91  
    Installed Global/Wulfsberg Flight Fone VI Radio Telephone System and Cabin Display      
WEIGHTS   Maximum Takeoff Weight (lbs)   34,500  
    Maximum Landing Weight (lbs)   33,900  
    Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (lbs)   31,300  
    Operating Empty Weight (lbs)   22,882  
    Maximum Payload (lbs)   8,400  
    Fuel Capacity (US gallons)   848  
    Maximum Cargo Volume (cubic feet)   300  
EXTERIOR    Last Painted February 2016      
INTERIOR   30 Passenger Seat Cabin Configuration      
    Part 135 STC for 21 or 30 Seat Combi Config      
    Forward Lav and Galley      


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