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Passionate about flying, helping clients in every aspect of buying or selling

About Global Aero ExportPremium Suppliers of Jets & Helicopters Worldwide

Global Aero Export, premium suppliers of Jets and Helicopters worldwide for 15 years, was formed by Bruce Theunissen, who has been in the general aviation business since 1981. 

 We are small, specialised and passionate. We are a broker, dealer and matchmaker and strive to give our clients the best possible service and advice. Our services include: 

In depth knowledge of local and world markets

  • A very competitive commission structure
  • Flawless track record with many satisfied clients.

 With our long experience in the general aviation industry we are able to smooth the path for both import and export of aircraft worldwide. We understand the possible pitfalls of ownership and the many rules and regulations and we are personally involved in every deal.

 Global Aero Export’s intimate knowledge of the world aviation market allows us to find great aircraft at great prices. The fact that we have opened offices in Dallas, USA and are associated with dealers in many other countries give us access to a network not open to the public.

 Our customers include corporates and individuals and the fact that our clients come back to us again and again is testimony to our high level of service. We believe in integrity above all and have no hesitation in advising a client to walk away from any deal that is not right.

We meet with clients to establish their needs and to discuss possibilities. We then scour the market to identify possibilities and, after a thorough check, arrange to view the aircraft with the client. This can be a long process and sometimes we will look at up to 50 aircraft before making a recommendation. Our checks include:

  • Service record
  • Avionics check
  • Areas of operation and flight times
  • Accident and repair record
  • Full pre-purchase inspection
  • Airworthiness certificates
  • Assistance with contracts, registration, etc
  • Ferrying/delivery

We use specialists in every aspect of aviation to ensure a complete check and give constant feedback to clients every step of the way.

We will take any aircraft and market it in the most appropriate market. Our service includes:

  • Verification of ownership
  • Accumulation of all records for the aircraft
  • Pre-sales inspection
  • Advice on pricing and marketing
  • Distribution of details to selected markets
  • Arrangement for prospective buyers to view
  • Assistance through the whole sales process, contracts, etc
  • Ferrying/delivery

At any time we have a portfolio of aircraft for sale, including:

  • Jets - Challenger, Citation, Westwind, Learjet, Gulfstream, Global
  • Helicopters - Bell, Robinson, Eurocopter, Agusta, Hughes/Schweizer
  • Cessna - 182, 206, 208, 210, 406
  • Piper - Seneca, Jetprop, Navajo, Meridian, Malibu, Aerostar,, Dakota, Cherokee, Pathfinder
  • Beech - Bonanza, King Air
  • Turbines - Pilatus

We offer consultancy to any buyer or seller, anywhere. Our consultancy service includes any of the above services.

Why Global Aero Export?
The advantages of using Global Aero Export are:

  • In depth knowledge of local and world markets
  • A very competitive commission structure
  • Flawless track record with many satisfied clients

If you are considering either purchasing or selling a jet or helicopter give Global Aero Export a call - and experience the difference!

An intimate knowledge of the Aviation industry and trusted partnersthroughout the world

That’s why our clients come back to us again and again