2017 Learjet 40/45/70/75 Markets Update

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2017 Learjet 40/45/70/75 Markets Update 13 Feb 2017


The past 12 months were not great ones for the Learjet​ 45 market,​ which includes all variants of the original 1999 Learjet 45: the 40, 40 XR, 45, 45 XR, 70 & 75. At one point, average asking prices​ ​for the different variants were down ​between 15-25% this year, compared year over year.​

The good news: this downward trend ​is now stabilizing​.​ ​Pre-owned inventory levels ​​on nearly all models varied throughout the year, but end-of-year levels were very close to their respective levels at the end of 2015. A healthy market is​ ​typically below 10% in the 7-8% range.​ ​Fortunately, flat Inventory levels don’t necessarily​ ​mean aircraft aren’t moving – ​after a slow ​start, retail​ ​sales ​were up in ​the second half of the 2016 buoyed by the very competitive prices seen.​ ​All these trends ​were indicators of a buyer's market.

Outlook: We believe we’​r​e see​i​n​g​ the bottom of the​ ​pricing curve with all trends stabilizing after a market​ ​correction. Demand on the preowned market should​ ​continue steadily through the next 12 months as prices remain at competitive levels. In the​ ​current market, Learjet ​Model ​45​ ​​variants are a great value so​ ​there will be no lack of buyers if priced correctly.


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