1981 : Piper Aerostar 600A

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1981 : Piper Aerostar 600A for sale by Global Aero Export, the longest standing independent aircraft broker and the largest importer and exporter of helicopter, jet and turboprop aircraft in South Africa.

YEAR   1981  
MODEL   Aerostar 600  
PRICE   R 1,900,000  
TOTAL TIME SINCE NEW   1,070 Hours  
HIGHLIGHTS   Standard Six Place PIPER Aerostar, powered with two 2000 Hours 
    Six Cylinder fuel injected 290 hp Lycoming IO-540-K1J5 Engines

AVIONICS   KS 2 - Pas Group including:  
    King KY196 VHF Transceiver with A - B Frequency Display (Com 1)
    King KY196 VHF Transceiver with A - B Frequency Display (Com 2)
    King KNS 81 Integrated VOR/ILS/RNAV System (9 Waypoints)
    King KI 525A PNI (Slaved DG) VOR/LOC/RNAV Indicator
    King KI 256 V-Bar Director Horizon
    King KI 204 VOR/LOC Indicator  
    King KN 53 Glide Slope Receiver  
    King KR 87 (ADF 1)  
    King KR 87 (ADF 2)  
    King KT 228 Dual Indicator  
    II Morrow GPS (Africa Datacard)  
    King KMA 24-03 Audio Control with MBR/L
    King KFC 200 Flight Director Autopilot
    King KCS 55A Compass System  
    Broadband COM Antennas  
    Piper Static Discharge Wicks (16)  
    Avionics Master Switch  
    Bendix RDR 160 Radar  
    David Clarke Headset (1)  
    Bose Noise Cancelling Headset (1)
    King KN 63 DME with KDI 572 Indicator
    Co Pilot A/Horizon

ADDITONAL  EQUIPMENT   (Factory Installed)  
    Auxilliary Hydraulic System  
    Propeller Synchrophaser  
    Nose Cap Erosion Cover Radome Only
    Wing Inspection Light  
    Tinted Windows  
    Streamline Rotating Beacon  
    Fuel Flow Indicator with Totaliser  
    EGT Gauge (Dual)  
    Emergency Locator Transmitter  
    Alternate Static System  
ADDITIONAL UPGRADES   SB 746C Landing Gear Torque Links
    SB 600-120 Throttle, Prop, & Mixture Control Cables
    SB 600-126 Fuel Vent Expansion Line Kit
    SB 920A Engine Fire Detection Kit
    Option 246 700-6 Braking System (Big Brakes)
EXTERIOR   PAINT:  New 2002 10/10  
    6 Forward Facing Seats in Leather
    Executive Writing Table  
    Pilot Outside Armrest  
    Co-Pilot Outside Armrest  
    Headrests on all Seats  
    Cabin Air Ventillation Fan  
    Fire Extinguisher (Hand held)  
    Reclining Bench Seat with Centre Armrest and 3 Safety Belts
INTERIOR   INTERIOR:  New 2002 10/10

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